Additional Courses

This is your state approved Wisconsin Failure to Yield to Right of Way course consisting of 4 hours of material, required for drivers who have received a failure to yield ticket to complete. You can do this in one sitting or in multiple.

Este es el curso por no ceder el paso al derecho de paso de Wisconsin, aprobado por el estado, que consta de 4 horas de material y es obligatorio para que lo completen los conductores que han recibido una multa por no ceder el paso. Puedes hacer esto.

This is a 10 Hour Refresher Course for general enhanced drivers education knowledge - or if you have exceeded a year from completing your 30 hour course and have not obtained your learner's permit yet.

Deep dive into Winter Driving in Wisconsin fully online, for new drivers to the area or looking to touch up on adverse driving conditions. Also including rain conditions, emergency situations, and other bad weather driving conditions.

Dear Jack,

Thank you for helping Jordyn learn how to drive safely. Your efforts are so very important to us as she will be driving for many years to come. You are a great role model and we all appreciate your efforts!!

Thank you again!

Marda, Andrew and Jordyn

Dear Ms. Rebecca,

Thank you for your work with Patrick. You have done an excellent job! Your attention to detail and the stressing of how serious driving is, is most appreciated by my husband and me.

All the best to you,

Mrs. Monica O'Connor

Dear Mr. Tracy,

You have made my driver ed experience amazing. I am truly grateful to have an instructor like yourself. You never fail to put a smile on my face. You deserve the world, Mr. Tracy, not just a simple Thank You. But I do want to thank you, because you are a teacher who makes learning fun.

P.S. Happy holidays and I hope your greatness lives on forever.


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